It all Started.....

on November 04, 2009

What it is all about...

Capturing the chutzpah of a city, mingling it with joyous laughter, blending it with the spicy reality of life....this blog will cover and uncover nuances of city life..but tinted with shades of rose hued fantasies!

Life passes by everyday...mocking us...cheering us to catch up..and we try our best to! Whoever said "Life is a journey" was a wise person. But what we seem to have forgotten is that 'Journey is much more important than the destination.'

We are striving and Struggling to achieve in life...we need a moment to sit and think about the occurrences in a day in life...and trust day has enough stories to last a long time....

My blog let's you realize and feel these everyday stories...intently and straight from the heart!


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