It was not everyday that I decided to tap my feet. I put the CD I had brought and the beats started flowing. It had been a long time since I danced and I could feel the panting but it did not seem to stop me.

I went on for about twenty minutes and then decided to take a shower. Outside my window, across the street, in the opposite apartment, I saw a little girl, about six or seven. She seemed busy trying to do the exact dance steps I had done. I stared intently, she really was trying hard. Suddenly, she looked at me and showed her tongue and drew back the curtains. It is strange how children behave, at one moment they seem like angels, and at the other, you don’t know who took the angel away!

Next day when I came back from office, I again decided to continue pacing my steps. I deliberately drew away the curtains and started dancing. But I could not focus fully. Every few minutes, from the corner of my eye, I used to look at the window…nothing! Was I dancing for her, or was I dancing for myself, I really did not know. I gave up trying after a few times, wrapped up the last couple of steps, and then went for my shower. As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the same girl dancing. She lifted her foot and tried to turn, and then she fell. I could not stop laughing. She saw me , and again showed me her tongue and ran inside the house.

It was weird, why she could not just dance with me, and why was she showing her tongue. to me. I wanted  to end the suspense. I took a box of chocolates, wrote a little note – “from your dancing friend” and dropped it at her doorstep. I could have gone in, talked to her, but I decided to play on. After many days, I was actually looking forward to something.

I waited near my window that evening. She came, I tried to gesture about the gift, but she just stared at me and showed her tongue. Again! This girl was impossible. I did my dance, but she did not dance with me today. She just drew in the curtains and vanished.
Next day, I decided to visit her, to ask her why she apes me. Maybe she disliked my dance, or maybe she thought it was funny, so she tried to do it, then fell and then laughed. Maybe she was anticipating more gifts, so she tried to be mysterious. I could not decide.

After coming back from office, I changed into a suitable dress, picked up another box of chocolates. I peeked at her window, the lights were on, but there was no one to be seen. Suddenly, I saw a lady with the girl. The lady was scolding her and the little girl was crying. The lady shouted something and went inside, and the girl came and sat beside the window. Big tears rolled down her cute pumpkin cheeks. I kept looking at her, in hope that she might look back. After some time, she looked at me. I smiled. I tried waving out to her. And she waved back. I gestured the chocolates and she nodded her head. I went across the street to her apartment, but did not venture inside. I just kept the box at the door and turned to go.

The door opened, it was the same lady who had been shouting at the girl. She said, “Have you come to meet Reenya?” I nodded. She invited me in and offered me coffee. “Where is Reenya?” I asked, “I brought here these” and I gave the chocolates to her. “Reenya, come out beta, someone is here to see you.” She peeped from her room, with the look of fresh tears wiped away. As she walked into the room, I almost choked. She dragged her foot, which was amputated and walked towards me. I was shell shocked. I did not know what to say.

“She is not allowed to run or dance. And she has been trying to dance for a few days now. She had severe pain today and we had to take her to the hospital. She is ok now, unless she tries the dance.” The lady said this and went in to get the coffee.

“Hi, remember me? I got chocolates for you.” She came to my extended hand, took the chocolates and sat a bit further away. She unwrapped the golden foil and started eating them. “You want some?” she asked reluctantly. “Sure” I tried to sit beside her. “You dance very well. I really like it. I wish I could also dance like you.” “Sure dear, you can come to my place everyday and I will dance, and you can tell me which steps are good and which ones are bad. We will also make Maggi and listen to music, and even eat chocolates.” “Really, how many chocolates do you have?” “Oh, I have lots for you in my house.” “Ok, I will come tomorrow. But I should not dance, or they might give me injections.” I could not stop myself. I went and sat next to her, giving her a side hug. “Wont you share the chocolates with me?” And she took her pink little tongue out and made a face!



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01/31/2010 9:36pm

Ahhh maaa zzz iii nggg, take a bow Lovya, ur a gifte storyteller =)

Vikas Singhal
01/31/2010 9:37pm

behtarin post! emotional kar ditta ! :D

01/31/2010 9:38pm

Thanks guys :)

02/24/2011 3:48pm

Hey dude!!! I think the information that you have given in this article is kind of misleading. Though may have written it with a good intention of informing us, but don’t you think that the article is prompting people to going against the subject instead of going against it?


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