Yes, Tania decided to get married. And how was she planning to tell me anyway? The phone call? So across all the legendary feelings of friendship and the foothold of trust, all I was going to get was a ring on my cellphone!

The sultry girl from Bhopal, whose personality did not scream “talk to me”, who was always in the subdued melancholy of her fulfilled life. Carrying a red jhola full of books and wearing the soft shade of pink kurti, she never wore heels and always had the lost look about her. It’s funny how sometimes we perceive a lost look as self assured or vice versa, I never had the inclination to start a conversation with her. Not that her silence posed a huge challenge, but I could never grasp anything in common to talk about.

Studying in Bangalore may leave you a bit lonesome in terms of language, but otherwise its bling all the way! I enjoyed the company of classmates, the group laughter, shrieks, the bunking and the fun! But altogether, I preferred being alone.

“Tania it is”, said my hostel warden as she picked up a chit of paper and handed me her name. I consciously tried not to shrug my shoulders or bring the “oh no” look on my face. I didn’t even turn and look around where she was. It was destiny. We were roommates.
Either throw your things around and keep them messy; or hate the ones who keep them messy – hostel life can put these two shades of lifestyle on you. I was certainly the second category, and I so dreaded if Tania was the first! But luckily, she wasn’t the first type. She spoke little. And ate even lesser – now that’s one thing that can make you conscious! Sometimes I wondered what bothered her so much and why was she so stuck up in life. I secretly love being judgmental, because for me it’s a game about proving to myself how things can change. How unpredictable life can get.

We would have never gotten across the ‘Hi’ and the ‘Bye’, but it so happened that she liked a guy….ding!! We opened up, eased up; we started talking about college, hostel, the classes and studies. First we discussed our careers, and then came the exchange of the notes, and then the eating together syndrome (oh...how I enjoyed that!) Then we discussed our lives, the people we like, the people we wished who liked us, the crushes, the cute lecturers, the sad ones too! The she told me that she liked him...a lot! More than the crushes, the cute guys and the hot ones! I knew it then, she had found him. No matter how much she said she needed time to think, and who would propose to whom, and the future blah blah ; I knew he was the one.

As I heard her speak after so many years about her wedding plans, and the dresses and the leave I had to take, and be by her side all the while…I felt happy. It’s like the moments in life when you have no doubts for your close ones and you wished they lives happily and got what they wanted! I felt it for her…couldn’t express it, but I could feel that she felt the same.
How ironical that I could understand when Tania found her ‘special one’, and haven’t been able to figure out mine just yet! “Of course I will be there, don’t worry. We will shop together for your wedding dress. And don’t buy atrocious shoes; wait for me to come there.”
Yeaa…good times ahead... But I haven’t a thing to wear. Oh no, have to start all over with my wardrobe…ummm….credit card?? :P



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