Planned to go home and take a break. But as flexible as work might get, it’s never flexible enough to guarantee peaceful breaks. The e-mail comes in, or the mobile, or the dreaded SMS. If you are sick , people don’t take your word for it. For once, let a person be! If you think I am wallowing in self pity, don’t tread that way, cause I aint…I am just here on my terrace, sipping my cup of hot coffee.

It’s about our boundaries. For once if I decide to switch off, I will. At the end of the day, everything comes down to your decisions. Try it once…switch off your laptop, your cellphone, even your doors and just go and sit on the terrace. Just look at the sun sink in the realms of another universe. Think about the last time you smelled a flower and how it felt. Have you ever planted a sapling and felt the cool, moist mud on your hands? Adjust your thinking to the pace that eases the strings of your thoughts. We all want to do this, but everything else seems to grab the first seat.

Call me a blatant extremist if you may and I won’t mind. But it’s a simple rule – if you don’t draw the boundaries, they will draw you! If work remains a part of life, its good ; else your life is a part of it. My coffee just got a bit cooler, and just the right time to sip it. But does everyone know the right time to sip theirs? Or one fine morning when you wake up with the greys and the sore muscles, you wish someone was around, or you wish you had finished your cup earlier?

We tend to plan out things at a level that is outrageous. Vehemently, can I ever say for certain how many puppies my dog is giving birth to? And how do I know if I am going to live the next years to see another solar eclipse…or should I save money all my life to go to that world tour when I don’t even know when will I have enough money or health for it! I am not preaching the “living on the edge” philosophy, although I am a big fan of it; but I am stressing on the fact that let time not pass away on its own. Notice how it twists and bends, and in turn, changes your life. Rather than the plaintiff fish in the ocean, who gets swayed away by the current, be the harpooning sword fish, which decides where it goes.

I don’t want to die thinking I missed out on a lot or maybe I should have done something and I didn’t, provided the opportunity of course! I don’t want to plan my finances..or marriage..or children. I know I want to be happy..and I will take handfuls of joy out of what life gives me. As I gulp down this coffee and look at the sky, the sun dwindling away, I tell myself how blissful and absolutely divine the experience is, not just of this sunset and the coffee, but the fact that I am enjoying what I have.

So all I can say is…if I need a break…I will cease it with both hands..I deserve it..and all I have to do is – shut off from the unnecessary shuttling of this world and delve in my own peace..and happiness! I know I have the courage and the audacity to do so.



01/31/2010 9:44pm

Loved it!!! Every bit... made me sit back and think ^^

08/17/2012 7:32am

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